Your Ticket to Heaven…

It’s been a while since I’ve waxed religious on this blog (Yes, I said waxed–sue me), and I feel it’s my duty to share these little nuggets, every now and then… You know, ’cause Jesus says I should 🙂
This one came to me from an unexpected source, and my best friend Carl had a similar encounter, but it’s always that much more real, when you experience it for yourself. I hope the message will reach home.

God uses some really simple ways sometimes to drive home some big points, and sometimes, if you’re not paying attention, you’ll miss it.

Now, I’m sure you notice that train ticket to the side. By itself, it’s just blah… meaningless. But as of today, Thursday, September 26 2013, it represents a whole lot more to me.

Last week, my family and I took the train to visit a relative of ours. Before getting on the train, we had to buy tickets. Due to how this system is very structured and orderly, unlike a certain disorganized and chamba-chamba country *ahem* Jamaica, the train comes and goes on a schedule, and pretty much waits for no one. We had made it to the station just in the nick of time to get our tickets and get on the train. While on the train, an attendant is supposed to come around and verify everyone’s ticket or easy cards to ensure that everyone paid. On the way to visit our relative, this did not happen. Two days later we were heading home, and I said that it made no sense to buy tickets because no one was going to check. Well, my sweet, law abiding parents bought the tickets anyway, and sure enough–NOBODY checked!

Today (26/9/13), I was taking the train on my own, and the saaame thought came to my head. “Why bother buy a ticket if no one is going to check?” But, my parents’ law abiding-ness apparently is hereditary so I bought my ticket… What do you think happened this time?

Of COURSE! There he was, dressed in a khaki suit with a black stripe on the pants and the Tri-Rail symbol mounted on his shoulder, looking all police-like with a scanner in his hand. “May I see your ticket please?” asked the gentleman, to which I obliged.

Some hours later after a fun evening, with my lesson learned, I searched desperately for my ticket (it was round trip) while on my way back to the train station. After coming up empty from both pockets I was mightily relieved to find it tucked away safely in my wallet. On the way back, as you would imagine, tickets were checked again; who’d a thunk it? Not me. Good thing I was prepared.

Yup, good thing I was prepared. And you know, a bright smile came upon my face as I sent the following text message to my friend Carl:

“Such is the kingdom of heaven. You can be ready all your life, and then you seh “Chuh! God naa come”; and then you do all kinda fawt–next thing you drop out (die) and you have a one way ticket to hell…”

The message is simple. Life is too uncertain for us not to have our houses in order. We need to make sure our lives are in accordance with the will of God, or else, when the Ultimate Ticket Checker of Life comes, we will be found wanting, and will suffer the eternal consequence. Jesus is your ticket to Heaven.

The gospel train is a’comin’! And you best believe it won’t be long. When you get on board, will you have your ticket? I definitely will.

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