Follow Instructions? PSH! Yeah Right!


Where I work, there are several entrances. Some specific to employees, and others for the general public. At the receptionist area where I work sometimes, there are two doors. One door, directly behind the receptionist booth, is specifically for employees, or deliveries. The other is a door for visitors beside the receptionist booth, who, if they need to speak to employees, or conduct business with the company’s management, they are allowed in. After their visit, they are supposed to leave through that same door. Why? Because they’re not employees. Duh!
I really think that this sign to the left needs to be on the door behind the receptionist. But then again, maybe it wouldn’t even matter, because the very same employees are the ones allowing every and anybody to abuse it.
I was at the receptionist booth, and a man came to the visitor’s door and beckoned for me to let him in. I did, and I don’t know where he went, but shortly after he returned and went to the other door, which is for employees. I suppose this is because people are just lazy and this door is easy to access and so they would rather exit through that door than walk around through the main entrance. However, I have been told SEVERAL times, that that door is for EMPLOYEES. Everybody else is supposed to walk through the other one! This man is like “let me out deh nuh”, like he’s soooo important, rules don’t apply to him. I responded, “I’m not supposed to do that.” He hit me with this look like, ‘Yute, yuh serious? Yuh cyaa let me out?’ and proceeded to say “yuh naa let me out?” like I was obligated to. I gave him the same response. You see, if he was humble with it, then even though I’m not supposed to, MAYBE I would’ve, but him a gwaan like seh it was my duty! No bredda, a nuh suh it work! Or… so I thought.
There comes a co-worker, (who I’m not pleased to call that either) with his pass to let the man out. *cue look of disgust*
Now, I wasn’t trying to be difficult, nor abuse my ‘Authority’, but I was simply following protocol. I guess my peeps at NCU may argue the same thing about the security there. But attitude goes a long way! Had the man been at least remotely remorseful about wanting to break the rule, then maybe him cudda get a bly; it wouldn’t kill me, but don’t act like it’s a right. Suppose I did it and the General Manager for HR saw me and reprimanded me? He would be quite fine, long gone about his business. Suppose he was a thief? Leaving wid people belongings? Then you woulda hear seh Alwayne Allen let out di man! Not gonna happen ese. No way.
It shouldn’t surprise me that that SAME co-worker was the same one who wanted me to lie to his family member who came to see him on the job. Wanted me to tell her he wasn’t there when I was looking right at him. When I told him I couldn’t lie, his response? “Yuh a mussi Christian, or Pastor, bout yuh cyaa tell lie.”
(._.) Uh, YEAH I’m a Christian you lying, muscle head idiot!
E.G. of Muscle Head Below (for Clarity)
Bottom line is, we can’t and shouldn’t break rules, just to suit ourselves and people. I digress, not all laws will make sense to us, and we won’t agree with all of ’em, but breaking them usually does more harm than help. Jamaican society has gotten so accustomed to this that it’s now a norm. And we find all kinds of demeaning remarks and names to call people who don’t comply to this bad, rule breaking behaviour. If we don’t stand for something? We’ll fall for every and anything.
I don’t even need to bring up the Christian perspective, but just because I can, I will 😀  > Read it here <


One thought on “Follow Instructions? PSH! Yeah Right!

  1. I agree with you 100% Although there are certain rules we don't like, we have to obey them.

    I remember driving through Mandeville and wanted to turn right into the theater parking lot. There were 3 signs that said,'NO RIGHT TURN between 7am & 7pm'. That day it was traffic throughout the entire town because the police were directing traffic.

    I decided not to turn right because I would be breaking the law and the police was right there. So, I parked at the gas station and waited for my brother. On my way back the policeman allowed one vehicle to go through after he spoke to the driver. Then, many other vehicles followed. The policeman just went to the sidewalk and chatted on his cellphone.

    Now, if a man breaks the rule for one it would appear he has to break it for others. Why are we as Jamaican's so stubborn and believe the law should be broken for us? If all of us followed rules there would be less problems in our country.


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