Want ee Want ee nuh Getty Getty!

Cleary the first thing you would think of when you see the title would be the words of the Tarrus Riley song, although the title is actually “Getty Getty No Want Ee”. I didn’t even know I knew this song (ish), such is the power of music! Lemme drop in some of my favourite lines, a la Gordon Robinson style 😀
 Sometimes we see
And ringing in my head is what my mama tell meeee
Wanty wanty no getty and getty getty no wanty huh
Wanty wanty no getty and getty getty no wanty huh huh
Wanty wanty no getty and getty getty no wantyyyyy
Wanty wanty no getty and getty getty no wanty
Chuh! Just watch the video and listen the song yaaa man!

Now that we’ve gotten that out of our collective systems, I suppose I should tell you what this all about. Well, you see, once upon a time, there was this little boy named Bob. The end.

Okay! Okay! I’ll get to it! lol

Can somebody tell me, why people stay suh? Seriously! Oh, I’m supposed to tell you how nuh.
You do something nice or thoughtful for somebody one time. ONE! And then what happens? They NEVER stop coming back. Unless of course you grow some large cojones an’ jus run dem weh. Currently, I don’t possess any large ones. But bwoy. That behavior from people makes you weary mayne… You get tired of it easily, nuh true? “True or False? Through!!!” (Big up Annette btw)

DISCLAIMER: This has nothing to do with any recent interaction with any of my current friends/associates/family. Zeen? Just making sure I put it out there before the imaginary consciences start biting and mi get cuss out an’ a nuh yuh mi dida talk. Cool? Cool.

Soooo, there’s a girl at work, actually many (it’s a female dominated environment), but yeah, a

particular girl. Anybody who’s had a Blackberry or knowledge of those phones know they SUUUUUCK when it comes on to battery life and have to be charged quite often. I however have two batteries and charge my phone every night before bed so I don’t really need to charge at work. However, I walk with my USB charger, and I suppose she saw me use it before, so late one evening she came to ask me to borrow it. Actually, the line now is “Alwayne, can get likkle charge please?”
The first time she did it was late one evening; work ends at 5 and she came like 4:30, so that’s not a long period of time, and of course I never had a problem. I’m kind to people… *initially.

Fast forward to a couple weeks later! At LEAST 3 times a week this girl comin’ to me! Why? Say it with me:

“Alwayne, can get likkle charge please?”
A me one know fi charge mi phone a mi yaad?! First it was in the evening, now, she start come inna d mawnin! Of course. My purpose in life is to come to work to let you charge your phone. Gotchya. And you KNOW how these things go–the gospel of blackberry chargers spreads like wildfire. As of yesterday, it’s no longer one girl, but two. Mi mad fi jus buy a “work charger” gi dem!
That story of teaching a man to fish instead of giving him a fish ain’t no joke!
The second instance was this guy at a basketball court near to where I live. It’s about 5mins driving distance, so I usually drive there. Apparently he lives relatively close to where I live, even though I have to pass my yaad to go to his. Out of the goodness of my heart I gave him a ride one Tuesday night. I know that it was a Tuesday because I stopped at Dominoes on the way home to get that special Tuesday XL Pizza deal.
I don’t know how mi cudda suh fool fool to come outta the car and lef a stranger in it. I had some silver in there, because at the court, those who play have to make up money to pay to use the lights, but I didn’t have to give any that night ’cause they had already paid when I got there, plus I’d paid several times before. Why do I bring up this silver you ask?
Weeeeeeeellll, when I got home, could I find my silver? Not a blowow! I had $70 and di man tief $40! I had fallen in a big pothole, you know, the unexpected ninja type, on the way home, so I thought the coins must have been scattered because of that. I WISH! I never saw my $40 dollars again!
Now I’m sure you might be laughing and saying, “bwoy Alwayne, a jus $40 still” but I’m talking about principle! How you goin’ do dat?! Suppose I had left a million in there?! (Clearly I wouldn’t be so stupid, but you get the point!)
And then the best part is, of course; HIM BEG RIDE AGAIN!!! If I had the big cojones I woulda seh “No!”, and he’d wonder why & think I’m a “fassy”. Or maybe he would remember the $40… Who knows. Idk what kinda conscience he’s got.
And what’s the worst part? If you don’t help or be kind to these people, despite them clearly taking you for granted while feeling absolutely no remorse for being the next thing to a blood sucking leech, everybody seh “A meanaz dat man!” when the half of the story has never been told. Maybe that might just be the way to go yaa man, I dunno. I suppose I should probably save myself the trouble and just seh “no” initially. Too bad, I don’t have the *cojones!

*COJONES – is a Spanish word for denoting courage when used in the phrase “tener cojones” (equivalent to English “have the balls to”) or testicles.


2 thoughts on “Want ee Want ee nuh Getty Getty!

  1. I have had my fair share of this. High school, man. I was always prepared for class and I would dread hearing the teacher say, “Take out a folder leaf.” Then you just see everyone turn roun' and seh, “Beg you a folder leaf.” And I would always give, but dare you say no one day and dem seh, “You mean!”

    Principle is what some people don't grow up with these days. Thank God for how my parents grow me. I have conscience, you know.


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