The Unpublished Letter Chronicles: One USD for A Patty


I swear, the newspaper opinion editors in Jamaica hate me now.
That MUST be it.

I mean…I guess it’s not fair for everything I write to be published at the expense of other writers, since I’ve (so far) had 10 published letters–7 Gleaner and 3 Observer. But I mean, I think I’m a good writer and I usually write sense. Why is it that my stuff can’t get published anymore? Good writing is good writing, doesn’t matter by who, and by George I think it oughta get out there!

Anyway, since this is my little spot, I’ll publish what I can publish here, hopefully the right people will see it and pass the messages along.

Below is the most recent in what I suspect will become a series of unpublished letters. *Sigh*

Like Peter Bunting, I want some Divine Intervention for publishing!

*end of rant*

I write this in response to an article written by Orville Taylor in the Sunday Gleaner (May 26, 2013) entitiled, “What the IMF? Devaluation Again!”

I wish I could shake his hand, once for the clever pun (now popular thanks to the KSACMayor) and twice for his sound and data laden analysis of the crisis our “little isle in the sun” finds itself in once more.
Photo Courtesy of Clovis Toons/Jamaica Observer

I’m not surprised, that as soon as the IMF taskmasters said our dollar is overvalued, it has started inching back to the $100 benchmark, since stabilizing somewhat and coming down from that peak only a few months ago. It appears as if the IMF and our country has a relationship that if the Fund says “Jump!” our financial technocrats in government quickly ask “How high?” without even a passing thought.

IMF is just like other businesses

In my view, the IMF is simply doing to us, what most if not all businesses do; seeking ways in which it can improve itself and make more money, unfortunately, at the peril of other businesses or individuals. As Dr. Taylor clearly outlines, there is no direct correlation to Jamaica doing better economically with the depreciation of our dollar. Obviously it has gotten worse!

One Jamaican Patty

One US Dollar


It almost seems as if the price of patties and the exchange rate are related. I remember as a boy in the 90’s when the exchange rate was about $30JMD – $1USD and that could buy a patty.



Now, since the depreciation of our dollar, $1USD can’t even buy a patty anymore! Exactly how will the depreciation help us? Don’t worry… I’ll wait…

PRECISELY. It won’t. In my opinion, the IMF is only scheming how it will make more money. If our dollar depreciates, the more money we will have to fork over in the future when re-payment of the loan becomes due.

We can’t let them do this to the patties!!! Well… to the people, but saying that just shows how important patties are! They’re probably the easiest fast food to buy without having to reach too far into our pockets. If that continues to change and gets more expensive, how would we cope? 😥

I seriously think we should listen to former Prime Minister Edward Seaga‘s suggestion. We ought to do what’s best for us; for Jamaica, and NOT what is in the best interest of the IMF!
Do it for the children Minister Phillips. And don’t forget the patties 🙂


One thought on “The Unpublished Letter Chronicles: One USD for A Patty

  1. Ha! I enjoyed his article too. I always look his pieces. Anywho….for the love of patty…it has got to stop! It won't rerk. If only we could take a stance like Barbdos….IMF talks and it goes through one ear and out of the other. Barbados is doing what's best for its people. JAMAICA??? Ha….Have you read the IMF letter of intent. Mek di teacher dem gwaan cuss….what the Minister has said, the IMF has prescribed. DAWG NYAM DEM SUPPA!!! As for the rest of us…it would do us well to look at the letter of intent. It can be found here:


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