Inside My Road Rage: Part 3 — Coasters and Mini Buses! >:S

I want one NOOOW!

So you now know of my mild road rage while driving and my desire to destroy all nuisances see improvements by other drivers and pedestrians on the road. While I’m working on getting my Monster Truck and plotting how to graze a few people and not get caught, I’ll tell you about my anger regarding Public Transportation.

The following is an unpublished letter to the editor I wrote:

While travelling in a coaster bus, the thought came to me, “Fived up again. These bus operators are so hypocritical!” There I was sitting amidst four other persons, in a row that was made for only 4 total persons. Being 6’3” certainly didn’t help my predicament either. [Also of note would be the fact that I wasn’t Japanese :S]

Only the day before (May 1, 2013) the bus operators were striking because they said the island’s regulator of public passenger transport, The TransportAuthority, was only allowing them to take 22 persons, when their vehicles were licenced to carry 29. Yet here I was, as usual, in a bus with about 42 people, with 5 on the rows and about 10 standing near the door.

May 7, 2013 (BB Pic; sitting on the back row)

Why in God’s name are these operators so wicked and greedy? Yes they provide a much needed service to the public, but why must commuters suffer and endure discomfort for them to make extra money? Then, when the law is enforced they complain and strike, as if they were compliant in the first place! Disgusting! “Might as well let them strike and let people use only JUTC buses and taxis,” I thought, but then I remembered these alternatives aren’t readily accessible or always convenient to all.

A friend said we as commuters are to be blamed—it is true to an extent, but I don’t totally agree. If people oppose the bus operators’ biddings, they are usually extricated from the buses; and when they are thrown off by the conductors, even if they report these occurrences to the Transport Authority, upon investigation the operators will vehemently deny knowledge of any such thing and perhaps get off

The very next day on the other side, May 8, 2013

with only a warning.

The bible says in Matthew 7:5 You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye”.

These bus operators need to consider their ways. 

YOU KNOW seh it serious when I an I draw fi a bible text!

Back then, the white slave masters packed our ancestors like
like sardines on ships during the middle passage as you’ll
see when you read my friend’s letter, and as you should’ve
known from high school history class. Now, conductors have
reinvented the practice, albeit on a smaller scale.

My friend who I was talking to wrote a ——> brilliant piece on what she likens traveling on the bus to be.

I would get mad and cuss and gwaan bad, but due to how Keneice alluded that most people will just watch and offer no support, mi will gwaan deal wid it, ensuring that I get my seat early, even if it means walking halfway to Portmore to get it! After all, gas just too expensive to drive everyday (without a full time job). Naa tek no stab up from no unruly conductor. I will squeeze up until I can afford not to. Or until I get fed up and just go beserk.

Just like THIS ——> BESERK!

LMAO (I know you did too if you watched it.)

I DON’T wanna be the girl the video above happened to!

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