What does Tomb Raider and a Mastectomy have in Common?

What does the movie: “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” and a Mastectomy have in common? If you haven’t already heard, I’m sure you maybe wondering. I’ll tell you. Think of the woman with the trademark chapped lips in Hollywood. If you watched Tomb Raider, Salt, The TouristMr & Mrs. Smith; you already know who it is.

That’s right.

The poster child for Lara Croft: Tomb Raider; is now the poster child for cutting off your boobs for health reasons. I present:

ANGELINA JOLIE: Double Mastectomy patient. <– (READ IT)

What is a mastectomy you ask? Check out this definition.

Now a lot of people may be wondering why the hell she would do such a thing. If you’re a boob lover like me (confession is good for the soul), then you probably wouldn’t initially be a big supporter of such a move.

You can see my initial reaction below:

 Then, I kinda got a little outrageous… (Just a little teensy weensy bit *nervous smile* **)

However, after my brief outburst I decided to read and find out exactly why. Turns out, her mother died of breast cancer at age 56 (Jolie is 37 now) and after doing tests, she discovered she has the genes that gave her an 87% chance of getting breast cancer, and a 50% percent chance of getting ovarian cancer. Those genes are called BRCA1 and another faulty gene, called BRCA2.

**If it makes you feel better, I already knew about this procedure; I knew why it was done, although I had only seen it once before, so my initial outburst was just me wondering if she was just doing it ’cause she could, like several celebrities tend to do with various operations and procedures.

Now I, like many people, have a SPECIAL hatred for cancer. My hatred is due to cancer killing so many good people I knew, and affecting Seventh Day Adventists especially, despite us claiming to have the health message.

I really couldn’t imagine my wife (to be) having to cut off her breasts though, but at the same time, after reading up on Angelina’s case, I completely understood and supported her decision. We ALL know its a serious thing when people say “prevention is better than cure”.

So guys (or girls, if you totally have a girl crush on Angelina), don’t worry. If the image of a flat-chested Jolie in upcoming movies is plaguing your mind like it did mine, I have good news:


The Tomb Raider body shall remain! \o/

This is a really brave and commendable move from the iconic star, and I’m sure her husband–wait, dem nuh married yet nuh tru?! I cudda swear they were! But I know he supports her. If you don’t know who is her husband, please to slap yourself several times and read the story > HERE < to find out is who. I’ll give you a hint: his name rhymes with “Bad Wit”…

I’m sure that like many other celebs the lady who always looks like she needs chapstick Angie will definitely inspire many women to be proactive and do what they have to do to stay healthy and give themselves a better chance at having longer lives.

However, one major drawback is that the test alone costs US $3000. O_O That’s alotta money. That’s almost $300,000 JMD. It’s a high price to pay for just a test. Imagine the whole procedure.

Overall, even though I’m a quintessential breast lover, I fully support Angie’s move. It’d be tough for me to deal with if I was her husband, but I think I’d definitely want to increase my woman’s chances of being around longer too. If I ever get to that bridge, I hope we’ll be rich enough to pay for implants!

You can read a more personal account of Jolie and her mastectomy <—- here.

Cancer sucks, so kudos to the Tomb Raider for unearthing the confidence to make a move so bold that may just prolong her life, and eventually, the lives of many other women.


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