Why are Jamaicans, and Blacks by extension Homophobic?


I am a huge basketball fan. However, on April 29, 2013, something hardly basketball related–save for the fact that it had to do with a basketball player, opened my eyes to a pretty interesting question.

Jason Collins
Jason Collins (NBA player of the Washington Wizards, now a free agent) became the first active Major US Pro athlete (meaning in Hockey, Basketball, Baseball or Football i.e. NFL) to come out and openly admit to being gay. There have been instances where former players have “come out of the closet” to disdain by many and with support from a few, but an active player? This was unprecedented.

Being the opinionated fellow that I am, I posted an opinion on Facebook, (in jest) that I would no longer watch sports. A friend of mine took my jest literally but it was all in fun to me. However later on, this prompted me to ask a very pertinent set of questions. (And yes I still intend to watch sports).

What’s the reason for homophobia being so high in Jamaica & other Caribbean countries, while at lower levels in North America and Europe? What’s so different with us? Why are we so anti-gay when the rest of the world isn’t? Mind you, I’m not pro-gay, because I believe in the Bible which is against it, and I think homosexuality is unnatural.

Imagine my shock to receive an answer saying: “Educated people are more open minded & liberal, so make of that what you will.”

Okay, WHAT?! ——-> /:O (see link)

Am I to understand that straight people are uneducated?! I had to restrain myself from responding the way I really wanted to. Because we don’t agree or support a position? Please. Have several seats. That is a faaaar cry from being uneducated.

Thankfully, a friend of mine says she’s secretly a historian and pointed out to me that:

 “Homosexuality was introduced forcefully to Africans. White men raped them into submission they feared.”

She added that the practice has been a part of world dominant cultures and to maintain dominance, men raped men. If true, this would explain why black people are so homophobic, and with good reason I’d say. Therefore, people of the Caribbean (who are made up of mostly African descendants), have merely inherited the fear of our forefathers. I won’t accept that at face value as plausible as it sounds; therefore, I intend to research this further, make myself more “educated” if you will. It’s something I need to get to the bottom of… LOL

You know I had to put a pun somewhere.

P.s. I do not believe homosexuals are to be beaten, or treated unfairly even though we do not agree with their decision to lead that lifestyle. So even though I do not support that lifestyle and I will flatly refuse ANY suggestion that I should be accepting of the lifestyle, they should be treated just like any other human beings. I don’t hate them, and will never hate them as people, I just hate what they’re doing, just like any other thing that is a sin.


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