Alwayne – The Philosopher!

Sooooo…. I recently posted my thoughts on love. What love entails is an age old question that will continue to be asked. Answering it will now be easier, thanks to me! 😀 My definition got so much traction, I thought I would share it here. As it came to me (fairly) randomly, I posted this on my Facebook:

“What is love?

My new definition: Accepting someone unconditionally; faults and all, and being able to harmoniously co-exist by building on their strengths and helping them along with their weaknesses. The latter must never be mistaken for or substituted with trying to change someone into what you want them to be. Love will make amicable compromises.”

*Only one detractor has said I’m “myopically philosophical”. Meh… Haters gonna hate!

Mahatma Alwayne coming to a location near you!
2009… Yikes…lol

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