So you wanna cut carbs? Lose weight? Here’s how!

I’ve finally broken the Bloggers block! Cuz if you’ve been paying close attention, I certainly havent been having writer’s block!

Okay, so I know you’re probably thinking, “lawd Alwayne, yuh done skinny aredi, wah yuh waa cut carbs fah?” But hear me out, trust me, its worth it. AND MI NUH SKINNY!!! >:S

PLUS, you think *snaps* alla dis jus came naturally?! It’s hard work! Plus, due to how I NEVER intend to have a beer belly, I’m learning the right thing from now, as I notice my body fat percentage seems to be going up. I gotta keep sexified! Lemme get a small halleluyer over here!

On Thursday (April 11, 2013–wow, a LONG TIME mi start da post ya enuh!) I went for lunch, and I decided, “you know what? Dem people yah eva pack up mi box wid one bag a rice. Mek mi eat some food (ground provisions) today yaa man.” Ended up with a dumpling, 3 pieces of yam and 1 piece of sweet potato. After finishing my food, (I had chicken chow mein with it btw, and you know that has noodles in it–curses!) I wondered, is this really healthier than rice? So with the remaining 20mins of my lunch time, I proceeded to consult my best friend when I don’t know or I’m not sure of something, Mr. G. Oogle! He knows everything! Here’s what he told me:

There are “Good Carbs” vs “Bad Carbs”
As I was already aware, there are some carbs that are good for you, and some that really aren’t. When you check it out, you find that the bad carbs tend to be in what we eat most. I can’t live knowing that!

And THIS is how they end up looking :/

This is how our plates SHOULD look

This is how we want to look (for the guys);
Eye candy (for the girls)

And this is what ends up happening
because we don’t eat right and exercise
(For both sides) 


Don’t you just hate that when that little spare tire starts to develop? It grieveth I! That’s why I shan’t let it occur!

If you’re serious about this and you really wanna get into the down and dirty of this subject, here’s –> an article <– that kinda glosses over the whole carb debate. However, I beg of you–do NOT be the diabetic man who thought fried rice was Brown Rice. You just does not does that.

For you lazier peeps who I know won’t read the article because, well, probably because you just don’t wanna, because I love y’all I’ll tell you the important points.

“Good carbs are plant foods that are eaten as close to their natural state as possible, with little or no processing. These nutritional angels, which include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds, contain more fiber, vitamins and other nutrients than plant foods that have been altered from their natural state.

What are bad carbs?

Bad carbs are formerly good carbohydrates that have been refined and processed, resulting in food that has significantly less fiber and fewer nutrients than good carbs. These dietary devils include such processed foods as cookies, white bread and “fruit” punch, foods that contain the white flour and refined sugar that remain when grains and other plant products are stripped of their fiber and nutrients to make them taste better or have superior “mouth feel.””

Translation? Raw plant stuff? Good. Processed stuff bad. Alwayne like. Alwayne agree 🙂

It even has this funny (ish) comment too:

“While they may not have the literary value of a Charles Dickens novel, nutrition labels on food packages can reveal the difference between good carbs and bad carbs and help you spot fictitious good carbs that are really bad carbs in disguise.”

I’ve actually found myself reading the labels of everything when I go to the supermarket now, so you must know I’m pretty serious about doing this.

Now if you wanna delve EVEN DEEPER and get rid of the “wagga wagga” as Keneice loves to say, here’s the link to an awesome carb cutting article/blog (Beware, it’s lengthy, but oh! so! good!)

And again, for those of you too lazy to open the link and read for yourself *glares* because I like you and you’re reading MY blog, I have selected some excerpts for you:

Best carbs to eat —

1. Oatmeal – “Oatmeal is a great carb because it gives you a burst of energy (like all carbs do), but it’s also full of fiber. Which means that all that fiber is undigestible and it pushes through your system quickly.”
2. Whole Grain Bread“The author of this blog says she’s amused by breads that claim they are “100% Whole Wheat” and “Healthy”, but when you turn it over to the back and look at the ingredient list, it has the bad processed ingredients and chemicals you want to AVOID.

Such as:

– Enriched flour
– High-fructose corn syrup
– Sugar
– Natural and/or Artificial Flavors

If your bread has ANY of these in the ingredient list, DON’T EAT IT.”
3. Brown Rice“Brown rice is another “whole grain” and it is a complex carb that digests slowly.  Slow digestion is good because the calories enter the blood stream gradually – meaning you have more ENERGY and less hunger for a longer period of time.”

4. Sweet Potatoes or Yams (Food!!!) Big up JA for having nuff a dis! – “Sweet potatoes are a high-fiber complex carb which means they are very good for you and give you energy without making your body store fat.’
5. Fruits and Vegetables (DUUUUHH!!) – Fruits and vegetables are the MOST important part of a healthy diet. They give you the vitamins and minerals you need to support your immune system, fight cancer, prevent aging… and all those other reasons you want to get healthy other than just losing weight.

Finally! Carbs you should avoid:

1.  Chips
2.  Sugary deserts
(donuts, [NO! Not donuts!!!] pastries, cookies, cakes, pies, candies)
3.  Cola and carbonated beverages
4.  Sugar, honey, syrup, jam,
(Grape and guava jam are necessary, mi sorry!) jelly, molasses (thought molasses was good for you)
5.  White bread – Everybody knows this

Special note from the writer (her name is Andrea btw) “Now, you may notice that pasta is not on this
“avoid” list.  That’s because I know that pasta is one of the hardest foods to stop eating (I’ve only recently been able to stop after years of trying). So, if you’re going to eat pasta…

You heard the lady!

You can find even more useful info and success stories on this site and an amazing video of Andrea’s transformation: (and no, this is not spam!)

Its time for our meals to look like this

And we oughta stop being like the folks depicted by
<——-this lol

This last pic, I thought it was funny.

Lol. You don’t have to change who you are and how you look it you don’t want to, because despite what this picture says, we’re all beautiful creatures of God.

But, in order to live a happier, healthier life, I suggest we all start eating that way, and start by cutting the carbs!


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