If you’re a Proscratinator (you probably are :P) this is for you!

Howdy y’all! Imma gonna talk about something that I know aaaaaaall a wi have a problem with! Procrastination! Cyaa bodda…Lemme write this later yaaa…

(clearly you can see below I didn’t listen to myself. See? I’m improving :D)

This is a letter I wrote to the editor, it was published in the Jamaica Observer… Seems like Gleaner a fight mi ought cuz from wah day dem naa publish mi tings, but is awrite!!!
You can see the letter here —-> MY LETTER <—- (and the glaring error the editor made changing around mi tingz! Mi grieve enuh! Chuh!)

“Being a master procrastinator myself (and I’m not proud of it), I know a problem when I see it. It’s probably a culture thing, but it’s something that really needs to be addressed.


It’s an ugly problem that seems to rare it’s ugly head in all facets of Jamaican society. Something needs to be done to help coerce Jamaicans, and for this particular instance, mostly men, to fix this problem.

Why in God’s name, do these people wait until right before the deadline, when serious penalties will occur to do very necessary transactions, especially when it comes on to paying motor vehicle related fees?

The massive throng at the TA’s door and underneath the tent
Photo courtesy of Alwayne’s Blackberry 😀

I was at the Transport Authority during the last week of the period earmarked for the renewal of road licences. Fate would so have it, that the Easter Holiday came during this time and cut the period by a day. Imagine my disgust at the huge throng of angry men (and women), acting like the very hard-working cashiers weren’t doing anything and just sitting looking pretty instead of attending to them. Almost everyone acted as if only their business was important, and people had all sorts of stories of why they thought they needed to be seen before the persons with earlier ticket numbers than theirs. It was madness!
None of these persons seemed to find it convenient however to remember that the renewal period had been open since February 18, 2013 and not during the week of March 24-31, 2013 (Road licences expired on March 31, 2013). I think that this is just downright irresponsible, and the cashiers should not be blamed. Seeing them [the cashiers] personally, they are doing their best to move as quickly as possible.

Hundreds of persons at the Tax Office
Photo Courtesy of Jamaica Observer

I can also clearly remember the everlasting lines at tax offices at the end of the period for the (fairly) recently concluded ticket amnesty. I suspect there will be something similar, albeit on a smaller scale, as there is an amnesty currently on for illegal public passenger vehicle operators to get legal by June 30, 2013. For those interested in hackey carriage licences, there are only 100 of that type being offered, on a first come, first serve basis, and these must be done through a taxi association. This however does not mean persons can operate illegally in the meantime, so if your plan is to make this your livelihood, the sooner you act, the better. I hope these persons will act speedily and responsibly in this regard, and for anything that may come up in the future.

Procrastinators! Please procrastinate…tomorrow.”

Agreed? I hope so! This particular situation probably doesn’t apply to you, but I’m sure you’re smart enough to make it applicable to other areas of your life without me having to spell it out. Afterall, only smart people read this blog *straightest face in life* and for the billions of people who haven’t (due to me having only a smidge over 1300 views at this point)… well… uhh, hi! *waves* lol

(hope you got that last line… “proscrastinate tomorrow’, as in you’re procrastinating to procrastin–nevermind, I think you got it (‘_’)

Later peeps!


One thought on “If you’re a Proscratinator (you probably are :P) this is for you!

  1. This is hilarious! It's unfortunate we all have a problem with procrastination. This is an issue I deal with every, single day. I have to tell myself, “Push! You'll be better off later.”

    When I had something very important to do two weeks ago, I finished it two days before the deadline.

    I felt so good! That's the feeling you'll want when you don't procrastinate- relief! That's your reward and you'll have more time to look over what you've done or do something else.

    Here's an article I use to help me:


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