Give Us an "Iron Lady"

Margaret Thatcher – The Iron Lady

By now I’m sure you’re aware of the passing of arguably the best Prime Minister Britain has seen, in Margaret Thatcher, also known as the “Iron Lady”. She died peacefully yesterday (Monday April 8, 2013) at age 87, after suffering from a recent stroke.

Boy, from the stories Daddy tells me, she was tough as nails! She would always make tough decisions, no matter what anyone said. These tough choices saw her elected thrice as Britain’s Prime Minister, until ultimately she resigned after having waning support from her own party; a blow so deep, she said she would never forgive those persons. (I can still hear this clip playing in my head; thanks BBC) Daddy was so impressed by her he made me download the movie “The Iron Lady” for him to watch a year or two ago.

Funny enough, my dad used to be a police (surprise surprise for those who didn’t know), and actually worked with her once when she visited Jamaica as part of her security detail. They did such a good job, she sent a letter (which I think he still has to this day) thanking the police high command for the good service he and the other police gave that day.

Now I only have one question…  well… a request really.

Does she have any Iron granddaughters to spare?

Big and serious!
If so, just like how we’ve borrowed British policemen to help with our efforts in Jamaica, can we borrow one of Thatcher’s next generation? Please?

Somebody needs to lead Jamaica. Because clearly our government lacks leadership. Give us the offspring off the iron lady! *draws for pitchfork* who’s with me?!!

(lol… please take the time out to watch some of her memorable remarks, and if you have and opinion of her leadership, share it in the comments below)

Btw, mi serious!!! I want one of the Iron Grandchildren out here pronto!

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