This Government JUST. DOESN’T. GET. IT.

This government just does not get it!!!

Photo from Jamaica Observer
More and more the Portia Simpson-Miller led administration keeps on proving time and time again that they JUST. DON’T. GET. IT. Or you know what? Maybe I’M the one who is like many other Jamaicans who doesn’t get it. Maybe the government does get it, but they don’t care, so now we need to get it that they don’t (care), and probably will never, because it seems to me that they’re only about themselves.
Take for example something that reeeeeally irked me this morning (Friday, April 05, 2013)

I was listening to Emily Crooks on Nationwide interview Dr. Dane Miller, President of Jamaica Medical Doctors Association regarding (according to the Jamaica Observer) the 60 per cent of the 2,500 Government-paid doctors who stayed off the job in protest against the impending reclassification exercise to be undertaken during the 2013-2014 financial year. Due to this, several patients were turned back from medical treatment yesterday, as only emergencies were treated. I heard Dr. Miller speak of one person who traveled from SAV-LA-MAR!!! who said Kingston was the only place she could get her treatment and she was stillturned back.

Wah kinda life dis?!

The Health ministry made a release later saying that contingency measures were in place, but how do you allow this to even happen in the first instance? I’m sure the contingency measures did not help everyone.

Further on in the interview Dr. Miller expressed that usually countries spend 9 percent of GDP on Health Services, while Jamaica, the island in the sun, was spending about 4.5 percent. CLEARLY the government doesn’t get it! And you would think that Health Minister DOCTOR Fenton Ferguson of all people would, but apparently politics and personal professional practice do not mix.

My heart sank when I heard Dr. Miller speak about Doctors not having routine equipment like injection needles, and having to improvise to treat patients! This is unacceptable! And of course the government doesn’t feel this because most likely they pay their private doctors from their healthy salaries, which unlike the government paid doctors come on time every month! You could hear the pain in Dr. Miller’s voice as he spoke to Emily. This government’s priorities are all wrong. They rather focus on things that are “frivolous” and “optics”. I know we have to be cutting costs all ends up, but health? If we’re all dead, how does any other sector help us?
I was fortunate enough, or perhaps UNfortunate, to hear Portia’s comments on taking a paycut on Nationwide News network. The Most. Honourable. IDIOT Prime Minister, when asked by Abka Fitz Henly about the situation in America with the President taking a pay cut said something like “That is good but I’m not going to comment on that”.
WHAT THE HELL PORTIA?! I thought you “loved” poor people! Does it take a fricking speech script for you to realise we’re all POOR?!!!

(And by the way, Wednesday before it came out in our papers, I shared a link where US President Barack Obama plans to take the 5 percent Pay Cut on fb with the caption “the government just doesn’t get it” before I knew I’d be writing this blog post 😀 ) Just ask my blogmate Shari’s Husband if you nuh believe me!

Clovis Toon – Courtesy of Jamaica Observer
*Back to my rant* *breathe Alwayne… Breathe*
This government just… bwoy… I don’t know. I really don’t.
Maybe communism and a fully autocratic government is just really the only way to go. (as per my other blogmate Keneice

*Sigh* It might not count for much Dr Dane Miller, but I (and many others I’m sure) feel your pain.

Leave all the comments and the rants you want below. Really wanna hear what you think about this.

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