Someone Needs to Confiscate Alvaro Clemente’s Webcam!!!

So thanks to my friend Shari (fellow blogger, you can check her out here) and my bredrin Jovi for tagging me in the comment section, I discovered the strange phenomenon that is Alvaro Clemente.
It started with this HIGHLY disturbing but utterly hilarious video that had me dying with UNCONTROLLABLE laughter that led me to legit tears. I was laughing for like 10 minutes non-stop (I would insert video here of me laughing, but I think my sister has it… Check back later and it may/may not be here)
See it for yourself:
I don’t know who told this man he could sing, cause whoever did needs to un-tell the lie right now! The man even believe seh him cudda sing Gangnam Style! GANGNAM STYLE ENUH!!! (I should probably blame myself for taking the time to actually go find more of this man’s “music”)
As if that wasn’t bad enough, idk what Adele did to him, mek him feel seh him much butcher off fi har song too! I will never think of Someone Like You the same way again 😥

From his youtube account, I gather Clemente is from Venezuela and probably so bored in retirement that he has nothing to do other than to make awful (and sometimes funny) music. If you check his description, clearly he believes he’s good, as he says (his words in bold):

“ALVARO CANTA (sings–yay I remember something from Spanish! \o/) Successes (SUCCESSES?!), melodies of always (LMAO, I’ve never heard this term, I should use that, “melodies of always” loool), which I dedicate to all you, friends and friends with a lot of pleasure and satisfaction

ALVARO CLEMENTE greets them”

He has seventy three videos. SEVENTY THREE!!! 73 !!! I will pay someone to find him, destroy his laptop and prevent him from ever getting another one.

Wait deh! Him alla have twitter —-> with basically 700 followers! And mi cyaa even pass 140?! (you should follow me btw, @TheAlwayneAllen;

Bwoy, ah doe know! I really doe know! Just watch the first video on this post yaa man…

*insert constipated face here* “MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!” *dies*


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