*Yawn* *stretches* you would think that 12:30am to 7:12am is enough sleep right? Why do I feel sooooo tired?! And I can’t even put my head on the desk in this place, next thing the customers come see I an’ I and start cuss bout how government a pay people fi sleep! (As if they don’t already cuss while people are working anyway! You should hear the things they say in this place!)
8:30-5:00 are some LOOOOONG hours. Worse when you factor in the time you have to wake up to reach work early or on time for those hours. Then there’s the fact that desk jobs are pretty dull too, and I’m pretty sure I may need glasses from staring at this computer screen all day. And all this is for what? Experience we say! Ha! Experiencing loss of eyesight and need for glasses, which I know dem naa pay fah! Did I mention as a temp all you get is your pay? Yeah there’s that. But everyday around this time (it’s now 11:15 am) MI WAAA SLEEP!

All in all, I’m grateful fi di likkle wuk still, but bwoooy, I really really reeeeeaaaallly could use some sleep!

Atleast its 8:30-4:00 on Friday. But its only Tuesday now! *bawls*

Think I need to be a teacher… I miss holidays already. Better yet, can I be 12 again please?


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