Wish I Could Bring Back Bruce!

Bruce Golding (in my view) was a good Prime Minister.
Despite the Dudus Saga and the loooooong Manatt Enquiry (which would be seen as Golding’s major downfalls), he was a good leader!
His cabinet was a good one, save for a few members *cough* *cough* Audley *cough*, and it was nowhere NEAR as chunky as this one. Even then we remember quite clearly the outcry from the then opposition Leader Portia Simpson Miller for Golding to cut his cabinet. Ironic isn’t it? Now her cabinet, which is more like a wardrobe is still bulky as ever, with no sign of any immenent reduction. The cries for this cut are coming hard and fast, and you can see for yourself —>here<—, a sensible suggestion of how one would cut down PSM's wardrobe.
But back to where I begun, Golding’s leadership was truly one of example, as in the midst of a harsh economic recession (what would they say about now?!) he to took a 15% PAY CUT! If that’s not leading by example, I don’t know what is.
Sadly I turn to this government, one which I really and sincerly believe does not have the country’s best interest at heart, but merely the interest of their pockets and bank accounts.
In an age where most Jamaicans below, at, or slightly above the poverty line are feeling the economic blows and drinking the “bitter medicine’, most of these politicians are drinking pina colada’s and having a jolly good time doing it. They keep talking about sacrifice, but I imagine that most of the country is the one falling in the picture below and they are the ones up top looking on:
I say the leaders of government need to follow Golding’s example and take pay cuts too. Can that solve our budget woes?
Hell no.
BUT, I (and most well thinking Jamaicans) sure would feel a lot better knowing that the country’s leaders are giving a few millions of OUR TAX DOLLARS to some other areas of society that have greater need for it instead of raping the NHT of members’ contributions. I’m sure this is not a picture of hope:
Photo courtesy of the Jamaica Observer
Ever leading by example, “Father Bruce” as he is called by me some, actually did what I have been literally BEGGING his contemporaries in currently in opposition to do. Make. Real. Meaningful. Suggestions. and. Alternative. Solutions. Ever the thinker, let me outline what he said:

“The NHT represents an attractive store of cash. It receives $21 billion in annual contributions and earns an additional $10 billion from investments (including mortgage collections). Despite its obligations to refund employees’ contributions after seven years ($3 billion annually), it is cash-rich. A Government faced with a fiscal crisis will inevitably look to this cache of funds to bail itself out. There are ways in which this can be done without violating the fundamental moral obligations the Government has toward the NHT. One way would be for the NHT to provide a loan to the Government. This would be repayable with interest and the NHT would then book it as an income-earning investment, thus not affecting its balance sheet. It is understandable that the Government would not be able to accommodate this option as it would simply add to its debt stock — a no-no for the IMF agreement. There is another way that would have been painless. (Oh? tell me more!) The NHT is in the business of providing housing which requires land. It would have been a much better way for the Government to provide land in exchange for the $44 billion. The NHT maintains a land bank to facilitate its house-building programmes.”

What has the rest of his party said? Point me to the solutions please… I’ll wait. Yeah, I still stand by what I said about them before. I implore you to read the entire article he wrote with further suggestions and analysis for the current situation, right here:
——-> Bruce’s Aritcle <——- 
He may have been called many things, may have been accused of not caring much for Jamaican people or not being as people friendly as Portia, but make no mistake about it, Orette ‘Bruce’ Golding (yes that’s really his name) was, and still is proving to be a good leader. He thinks about real solutions to problems and presents them; even while no longer in office, instead of merely arguing for arguing’s sake. Now if a certain Andrew ‘Baby Bruce’ Holness can channel his inner Bruce Golding, (and I have a feeling he will), there may just be hope yet.
You know the drill. You like Bruce? Hate him? Don’t Care? Say why in the comment box below. I almost feel like starting a petition to bring him back to take over the PNP! He’s already gone from JLP, to NDM, to JLP again, so why not? Wishful thinking right? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Wish I Could Bring Back Bruce!

  1. And again I say…Symbolism in politics is VERY important. That's what exactly what you're asking for. This gov't needs to choke up its pride and demonstrate the consideration it claims to have for the poor and vulnerable. And for Christ's sake…I hate that. The entire country isn't living in squalor…the people who feel the brunt are the middle class. Dammit….have some consideration for me too…FOR US!!! KMT


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