Response By a Fellow Jamaican

As you know, or if you didn’t know, I’m telling you now; my previous post “Can’t Oppositions Ever Suggest Things?” (it’s also on the sidebar if for some strange reason you fear clicking) got published in the Jamaica Gleaner. Yay me! 😀

You can see the SEVERELY edited Gleaner Version here. (Mind you, I edited it before sending it off as you can see, but of course the editor couldn’t resist rewording and chopping off some more!) I would show you my edited version but that’s a waste of time really.
If you scroll down to the comment section, you can see that it has gotten people talking, some with good points…others just…yeah. Ignored. I’m pretty sure that people who didn’t post talked about it too. I even took the time out to reply to two comments (ragga guru and johntowit).

Sometimes however, instead of posting, people reply by email, which is much more discreet and private. I happened to like this email, and the person was kind enough to allow me to post it.

“Greetings Allen. 

I read your letter to the editor, with a smile. I thought the same a while back. My conclusion is; change our governance structure. (This is me, Alwayne adding that I’m sure a certain Danielle Thomas wud scream YEEEEEEESSSSS! to this! Back to Mair’s response now…)

Think on these things.

If your in a group of investment funds,in which the managers are elected to serve with little or no input from you,and which they are not bound to follow,or kept in check by you or any one; what you think, gonna happen?

If there’s no accountability and in no hurry to make it happen,what you think will happen over time? Won’t you be disenfranchised?

With power comes great responsibility.

Think of it like this,do you have the legal, moral and social right to dictate to you neighbour? You have same with your children? (Obligation) The opposition can only make their plight felt directly via disruption in the streets,or delay in parliament,through thin majorities,in our Westminster system. Add to that certain functions of power/autonomy, usurped at independence from local government, in a centralized system. Add to that individuals who are career politicians.

We are not the US who’s Republican federal constitution system takes Que/ priority in citizens.
We are not even Australia who’s senate is elected independently by its citizens.

Netherlands have Dualism,after 50 years we still have a system meant for men with honest conscience being dominated by corrupt folks.

Mauritus has a independent Office in the Attorney General,add to that An independent Commission against corruption. Don’t  you see the conflict of interest in Jamaica?

Westminister was never created by us,its too top heavy,and only extrapolates our ink coloured finger when those within, “it”, seek power! So my question still stands.

Why expect more?” So let’s enjoy our toothless K9s on the opposite side; great side show don’t you think?

V Mair.”

Sounds like someone well informed to me. What say you?


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