Business Bathroom Ethics — None Whatsoever!

Denying people use of bathrooms unless they buy something. Really?

Of course this would happen. This is Jamaica after all. People charge you to park on land they don’t own for crying out loud. Everybody has to maximize earnings, even if it means charging a parent for a soda they didn’t even need to let a 2 year old relieve himself in the right place as opposed to in the car.

I’m disgusted.

I was in a popular patty restaurant in New Kingston that will remain nameless on Wednesday, January 30, 2013 (wait–how many patty places are in New Kgn anyway? :s). As is customary, you know, seeing that I am human after all, I needed to tinkle. I proceeded to head for the restroom, which was locked. I asked the security guard to open the door, to which he replied, “you haffi buy sum’n fi use the bathroom”.

(._.) ——————————————————————>

Yeah. Same suh. I told him I planned to buy something after but needed to relieve myself, and he obliged, after muttering that I was supposed to buy something first. Oh sure, let me eat my patties while peeing -___-
Anywho, while consuming my patties and watching Manchester United vs Southampton on TV, an odd looking man came in, also desirous of using the freshly bolted restroom facility. Could have been a crackhead, idk, I’m guessing. Doesn’t matter. Of course, the security gave him the same line (and added a demeaning look–because of said appearance I guess): “you haffi buy sum’n fi use the bathroom”. Poor man look like he could’ve left some kind of bonus work for the cleaning crew right there in the middle of the place enuh! Of course he had to buy sum’n; maybe a straw–idk, but after swearing at the guard perhaps and maybe the high cost of living (literally) he was able to go.

The Big Question

*insert previous George Bush confused face here*

Why should they lock the bathrooms and insist on people to spend there before being able to use them? Yes they are places of business, where the aim is to make as much money as possible, but is $10 for perhaps a packet of ketchup so necessary to deny people of using the restroom? Are they so inhumane that they just want money and don’t care about persons relieving themselves of necessary bodily functions? Clearly the heads of these businesses are robots. That must be it. What’s worse, the security guards too are soooo vigilant to enforce this unnecessary evil.
Yes I understand that they don’t want any hobo (aka Madman in J’can terms) to just come off the street and take residence in there, but is not like there’s a sign at the front saying “FREE BATHROOM HERE!”
Most likely, most people that go to any establishment of business, go for whatever business is offered there, not to just do number 1 or 2. I don’t have any statistics (perhaps I should do a survey for no reason at all) on how many people go to businesses just to use the restroom. Could be 1 out of 10 or less, or more. I dunno.

All I’m saying is, its unnecessary. I understand that whoever (Business heads) nuh want no hobo “bung up dem toilet”, but you just watch that over sized C.E.O eat 3 patties and drink a Tropicana and think he’s gonna leave flowers in your bathroom. I’m done.

WAIT! 😀 If you plan to use public restrooms in the near future, or ever really, be sure to check this out! It may help! ——-> Three ways of using public toilets. You’re welcome.

As usual, if you agree, disagree, or find this blog to be otiose, you know what to do… (if like Shari you having a problem commenting, feel free to share your thoughts wherever you found this post!)


One thought on “Business Bathroom Ethics — None Whatsoever!

  1. Alwayne! I could read these posts all day! You are killing me! I literally died! I agree. There is not rationale! It can't be that ppl who spend money are less likey to make a mess! NONSENSE. I don't get it either. Reminds me of a time I went to the place where you can have your food the way you want it..Get it? lol…my phone was dead and I was supposed to be picked up….but I didn't know where. Maasa…di man seh mi haffi buy supm fi get one likkle bar on my phone! KMT


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