So what if it’s real or fake?

Seriously, what’s the big deal if it’s real or fake?

So I’m talking about clothes, accessories–the like, so that means bags, shoes, sunglasses and whatever else you can think of. For every real brand out there, there’s been an imitation or “fake” brand. That’s how it has been since Johnny was a boy, and I’m sure that’s how it will be for time to come.
But you may wonder, what’s the real issue here?
Well, recently a friend of mine had a status on her bbm about how she hated to see people in fake Ray Ban sunglasses, & after interacting with her, she basically said, if you can’t wear the real thing, then you shouldn’t wear it at all. *record scratch*
WHAT? You mean seh, if I can’t buy a pair of sunglasses for $100 US (or however much they cost) with


then I should be blinded by the sun? I say: Of course not! Not when for a few hundred Jamaican dollars I can wear these; China’s finest! —> 
(And I’ve had about 4 of them, but they’ve all been broken. You may think that’s because they’re fake but you try dropping your real glasses repeatedly from 6 feet and 3 inches above the ground & see what happens, and let a 5’10” girl sit on another pair and see how they stack up). If I like the shape of these, why should a simple sign stop me from wearing it? Worse when I can buy hundreds–thousands even, of something that serves the same exact purpose and does the job just as well for the price of one? Yeah, I’ll go with thousands please. I’m sorry but I really don’t care that much for a logo. After all, it’s not what keeps the sun out of my eyes.
I dunno man, maybe I’m like this because my very cheap frugal and thrifty father sent me through high school with a DONY bag (I think it was supposed to be D.K.N.Y; one letter–no big deal right? Okay, lemme pause while I shed a few tears while you laugh at me) I also got a Jonsport bag after that, when clearly if you didn’t have a Jansport, D.K.N.Y or Wolf Creek bag, your bag neva dida seh nuttin. (FYI, I finished High School using bags made by the school I attended with its crest on it, and they were quite light and popular… within the school *womp*)
Now mind you, I am in no way an advocate of buying fake stuff all the time, because I know from experience that though it works in some cases, sometimes things will (literally) fall apart. Like a pair of Nike’s I bought. Okay, I thought they were real. I remember my excitement at seeing them for $2700 JMD which according to the store was allegedly half price. I jumped at them because 1. (I thought) They were Nike’s. 2. My other basketball shoes were starting to introduce my feet to the ground while playing. You can imagine my reaction after playing in them for the first time when pieces started to fall off.
It looked something like this; the lower part with
the hole looking thing started to come off
the first time I played
I still have them, but on my recent escapade to the USA I bought a pair of real Nike’s and Adidas. Something like shoes, especially active shoes? You always go with real, ’cause those are the ones that last. But if you’re really on a budget and you must buy fake, buy the ‘brand’ “Air”; they last longer, and they don’t look too bad. And, if worn correctly, they can be mistaken for Air Force Ones 😀 (Trust me, I would know; I had two of those back when I was in college on a budget).
Bottom line though, as best as you can, buy quality. Sometimes you will have to go a little out of your price range for that, but in the long run you won’t regret it. However, if you can’t afford it, or if you choose not to afford it, and you have no qualms about imitation products, then by all means, go ahead. After all, a fi yuh, nobody neva buy it gi yuh. Wear it/use it with confidence, ignore what people have to say, because yuh neva tief it. If it serves the exact same purpose as the real thing and is just as good in terms of quality, why would you not save some money? (Stay away from things that look like these though, dem nuh good!)
I have friends (and I could call names here) who will do anything to be in ‘real’ brands; kill them dead, as well as those who will just buy the cheapest good looking thing they can find, whether it was made in China, Malaysia or Kuala Lumpur. As for me, I shall continue to wear fake Ray Ban Wayfarers until I don’t feel like. But, if you want the hype associated with the real, or you can afford it then by all means, go ahead. It’s really not that serious. If you have the real and someone has the fake? So what? How does that affect your life again? Yeah, thought so.
If buying a $300 US Beats headphone makes you feel good, buy it! I’ve never used one, so I don’t know what I’m missing out on and I don’t plan to get one. However, if you do go and get a real one, don’t come crying to me or trying to borrow my $10 Walmart earphones when yours falls and gets broken. I’m just saying. Basically though, as I kind of alluded to before, just do you. Whatever makes you happy, and whatever your pocket can afford, go with that. If you’re ultra confident in rocking the fake, go ahead. If you wanna fit in and feel the need to bruk yourself to get the real, go ahead. If you’re rich and have all real stuff and wanna hate on people with the fake, *say it with me* Go ahead! 
I leave y’all with two songs as I get outta here!
For my people who don’t care about the fake stuff:

And if your Gucci belt addi realest:

Or you can always just watch to both! They’re FREE!
P.S. Dual SIM phones do not count as quality. I’ve never had one and from what I’ve seen: they vibrate WAAAY to loudly, and the buttons stop working for one (or both) call lines eventually. Nuh dweet!
And as of now, if you agree, disagree, or find this blog to be otiose (thanks for that word Adrian) you know what to do… 


4 thoughts on “So what if it’s real or fake?

  1. Brap Brap Brap!
    I love it. I agree 1000%
    Tell dem take dat!
    I don't see why I shoud lput myself out just to make rich people richer. What does a brand mean anyway? These people don't even use theor pwn brands. Go figure!
    If you liek it, and you can afford it GO AHEAD!


  2. So this literally had me in stitches (and you already know this cuz I just told ya on the phone). I agree with ya. Call me madam frugal. The good thing is girls can get away with it way better than guys! Y'all don't do well with cheap shoes! CHUSS MEH! Things a guy should spend money on: Watch, Cologne, Shoes, Belts & Ties….anything else…it nuh matta! LOL…Thanx for a good laugh…worth the read!


  3. Well, as a man, you learn how to be frugal and still pull off nice watches, cologne, sho–maybe not shoes, but belts and DEFINITELY ties! Most of my ties were under JMD $500! a $20US tie is prolly the most expensive one I have.


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