My Chest Struggle :(

Hooooowdy folks! Sorry for the long hiatus but, due to how my laptop stopped working on December 26, 2012, and my sister insists on using the other laptop for her I.T. SBA because apparently the computers at a school that will remain nameless still suck (after all these years!), and daddy has been using it a lot too… well, mostly because its his. However, I have found this small window of opportunity and I intend to use it!

DISCLAIMER: This post is about me! Don’t wonder off to dreamland when you click the links girls…unless you dream about me πŸ™‚ Besides, I am in reach, they are not! πŸ˜›

Now as most of you know, I’ve been going to the gym, and I’m on a mission to gain weight and muscles. No I don’t intend to look like the HulkΒ or even Ronnie ColemanΒ but I intend to have a very nice physique… You know, kinda like Shemar Moore maybe or at most, Michael Jai White… Hey! Stop it girls! Stop thinking about them! This is about me πŸ˜₯ and my struggles…

While I was in NJ last year, the first time I weighed I was 173lbs (I think), and my goal was to be 182. Didn’t hit that goal, but I was like 179.8 or sum’n like that when I left. Upon returning the responses were varied; some said “yuh get thick doe!” others “yuh look chunky” -_- and others even said mi get fat. There were a few who said I didn’t put on as much weight as they thought (or hoped I did). My intention was to keep whatever weight I gained and to add to it by a combination of joining a gym here and my newly acquired protein shake!

So far I would say I haven’t been successful, or if I have, it naa show! *bawls*
I weighed on Jan 18, 2013 and I was only 181 lbs. But you know what concerns me most? All the try mi a try, is like mi chest cyaa guh no weh!

Which leads me to this:

The cry of my heart everyday… πŸ˜₯

I mean, my chest is okay really… its not flat like
<—- this pic from 2009, but its just not moving as fast as I would like or enough. This is despite my efforts of doing chest twice a week in the gym, and everything else (legs, back, shoulders and arms) once! Although to be fair, I haven't done chest twice a week since being home because so far I've only gone to the gym 9 or 10 times since joining on Jan 2 (Sundays and Saturdays are out). I think so far its been Chest/Back: 2, Chest/Shoulders 2, Legs: 2, Arms 3… guess it has been 9 times. I've been religiously taking my protein after workouts and eating food, but bwoy… I doe know. I know US food will make you gain weight more than the food we have here still, but I'd like think I don't have to be in America to get big! Some workout guru (Paul Moore, Emron? weh unno deh) needs to tell me what else I can do.

I know I can’t overwork the muscles (unless I want them to eat themselves), and I must give them adequate time to rest,: and I know when you’re trying to gain weight, you should do small sets (6-8reps) and go as heavy as you can.

Maybe it’s just my physique. With the exception of one uncle (and come to think of it, his chest isn’t really that big either, but his arms and shoulders are), but I come from a family where the men are all slender, save for that pouch that seems to be developed by and by as marriage and years go by. My arms and shoulders are probably my best asset (or maybe my height). But those muscles seem to be the easiest for me to build. I won’t even start on my calves, which again are okay, but could be bigger. I blame my father though, cuz everybody in his fam got skinny legs including him!

I will not accept my physique without a fight though! I mean, I love me, and if I have to stay this way then I’m cool, but I’m just tryna improve because I like the challenge and I think I’ll look better (firstly to myself, then to the ladies) and that’s a win win for all. And I know for a fact that’s how it will be, cuz nuff girls who are like “Alwayne, wah u waa put on weight fah?” are now like “yuh a get muscles doe, mi like it!” *sigh*

Probably I should just accept that my physique is kinda like Dwight Howard’s; big shoulders, relatively big arms, small chest. I mean the only difference is that his shoulders are like a quarter mile wide, and mine are just about 2ft.

See? Β 

Although now that I look at both pics, mi naa do too badly. I’m considering doing a shirtless pic on my bday to show y’all my progress. My bday is just a week away though… Hmm, maybe I need more time! Let’s set a date. A month from my birthday! February 29!

Okay, okay, no Feb 29 this year… You caught me πŸ™‚
February 28 then… Maybe, One last pic before I go… Was gonna buss a chest pic from Nov. 16. 2012, but naa πŸ™‚ Instead, look where I’m coming from sizewise! I started NCU at 155lbs in Fall 2007 and now I’m 181 lbsin early 2013 with much more to go. Hey! I’m in the same shirt too (ignore all the gunk on me, this was two days after my bday, January 31, 2008. My friends threw some sort of substance on me, I WISH it was flour but it was worse. WAY worse. It was this stinkin shaving powder, mixed wid oil, and toothpaste and ketchup and peanut butter and–yeah. Gross stuff. Clearly you see Jordan covering his nose.)

P.s. Ironically, I’m wearing that same red shirt while typing this πŸ™‚ oh well, consistency is key!


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