The Bum Life

The Bum Life!

Bum Life of Alwayne Allen, day 197 (yes I actually counted… well I worked 3 days out of that so–whatever, DAY 197!)

Its been going 7 months since I resigned from my last (first and only as well) job. Friends and family have questioned the decision, some support it. Point is, mi naa wuk. Not working SUUUUCKS!

They say necessity is the father (or mother–to not be sexist) of all inventions. Well, I need a job, but I dunno mayne. Someone said to me I should look for things people don’t like to do and do them for the right price.
Only problem? Chances are I may hate those things too. And that solution sounds like something for a college budget, not for a man tryna make a meaningful living, helping his parents, dating, buy gas and insuring a vehicle and such!

So you may wonder what I’ve been doing with all this free time. Well here’s what I’ve been doing:
1. Going to the gym can’t you tell? 😀
2. Teaching myself how to play Benita (yes you may laugh at her name; but I bet u can’t play a bass guitar)
3. Applying to places
4. Calling people about my applications.
5. Brooding.
6. Not caring about anything.

7. <—— Fishing
8. Travelling.

Now I’m told that I should enjoy the free time while I have it, but ahh, I think I prefer to see dollars in my bank account, I’m sure you would too.

Last thing. People are like, “oh, you will get a job soon.” Soon. SOON?! How soon is soon?! Soon is so, relative! Jesus (and I do believe He is coming) but He has been coming soon for over 2000 years… I’m just saying. Get ready for real though people, He is coming. But back to my point; I understand folks are just being nice but uh, unless you have a job you know you’re waiting to bestow upon me SOON, then that kind of a line I’m not tryna hear right now.

So in the meantime as I proceed to call all the places I’ve applied to and bad dem up find out the status of my applications, call all the links I have (need to call mommy enuh), mi will jus gwaan tek it easy and enjoy the free time I have yaa. I’ll keep working out and continue my resolution of not having a new year’s resolution and just doing things! Like reading 3 chapters of the bible everyday.

p.s. If you have a link, or a job, or a buss, feel free to link mi, soon!

Ready to work again!


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