New Beginnings (and no, this is not a 2013 resolution!)

Greetings! *excuse me* *coming through* *ahem*
Yes. Hello, you there! Uh huh, yeah you! What, just because I have a new face you’re just not gonna stop and pay me any mind? Come on now. Just gimme 3mins, and I guarantee you, you’ll be back for more!

Welcome to my very very VERY Humble Blog 😀
Here I shall post pretty much everything as well as much ado about nothing from time to time, as issues arise… or not.

I’m a pretty normal person, aside from being 6’3″ and maybe talking slower than you’d expect, but never mind that. I’m inviting you into my own little world, so come on in and enjoy the ride, you won’t regret it 😀


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